19 for 2019

Janus, looking back, and ahead

Happy 2019! I have now, just a few minutes ago, gotten the last of our Christmas decor put away, and shaken off the post holiday haze that I almost always experience. I don’t start taking decorations down until Epiphany on the January 6th, and two of my children have birthdays in January, so a lingering party vibe – while fun and home-y – also creates a little of what I can only describe as celebration fatigue. The Christmas season is so lovely, I cherish it, but now I am hungry for Ordinary Time.

January for me isn’t so much a fresh blank page as it is a debriefing of the previous year combined with a mental strategy session for the months ahead. Trying to uphold a new slate of resolutions on January 2nd simply isn’t realistic, and after years of struggling, guilt, and self-flagellation, I’ve finally accepted that. My planning calendar has a February 1 start date.

I am a list gal, however, so I find comfort and promise in outlining what I would like to accomplish in the fresh year, along with things that simply need doing but don’t really fit on a conventional “to-do” list. I discovered the concept of 19 for 2019 listening to the Happier podcast and it instantly clicked with my sensibilities. There are opportunities for large projects, and things that can be done and ticked off the list or gotten underway. There’s always movement happening, which I also like, and plotting the course over the year allows for shifts in perspective, and adjustments to the plan based on everything from re-calibrating expectations to simple personal preference and life events.

So for me, 2019 year is shaping up like this …..

  1. Attend 48 Masses, have our marriage convalidated by the church
  2. Fitness/Wellness – lose __ lbs (for me to know and you to find out), bed time at 10:30, schedule all annual doctors appointments, eliminate weeknight drinking (yikes).
  3. Have wedding gown cleaned, pack in archival box and tissue
  4. Read 50 books
  5. Logistics for Oldest Daughter’s first year of college – finances, living arrangements, personal needs (clothes etc)
  6. Have all photos digitized, declutter and organize photos on all devices
  7. Put together family photo albums
  8. Handle my deceased fathers business, hold memorial service
  9. Dress like an adult – real clothes, every day
  10. Organize family cookbook
  11. Design and make family Christmas stockings, and ornaments from antique fabric (already purchased)
  12. 50 social outings, including 20 dates with my husband, and 10 book club meetings
  13. Ride my horse 3x/wk for 48 weeks of the year, ride in 2 horse shows
  14. RUN RODEO 5K (February 22) Walk/run daily
  15. Improve Household finances by ___________ (for privacy reasons I left off the actual number – it’s a lot) – budget/reduce expenses by ________, no wasted food or ordering in, set up auto pay for all bills, No Spend February
  16. Grow bay boxwood – find local production, write 4x/week for 48 weeks, consolidate banking, reach out to network
  17. Family Vacation
  18. House – interior improvements
  19. House – exterior improvements

So – that’s seems like quite a lot to do in what I used to think was an age, but as it turns out the years go by in a blink, and I’ve been piddling around a bit the last couple of them. There are some less than pleasant things I’ll have to go deep on, tying up the loose ends left by my father’s death over a year ago, for example – but I’m inspired by the potential end result, of course, and encouraged by Peter Theil, who says “you should take your 10-year life plan ask, Why can’t I do this in six months?”

Well, here’s to you, Mr. Theil. Why can’t I, indeed.

What are you up to this year, dear one?

With love and optimism,


P.S. I am a firm believer, belief won by experience, that not putting a date on a project means that it almost never comes to fruition. That’s what my next little post (dated tomorrow!) is about.


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